Clan Praise(s)

  • Sgananda phume nkandla. Chube , Nina enadli zinkomo zamaSwazi ngobe saba mazolo.S`khanda mkhonto , maphendula manzi awenzutshwalaNina enawela uThukela ngesilulu.Zokufa. S'gananda was a a chief of the Shezi clan. During the Bhambhata rebelion of 1906 S'ganda was one of the four Zulu Chiefs chosen and trusted by Bhambhatha kaMancinza Zondi to to join him in the Poll-tax rebelion. The five Chiefs were S'gananda kaShezi, Mehlokazulu Ngobese, Nyoniyezwe Ngubane, Jobe Sithole including Bhambhatha kaMancinza Zondi. S'gananda kaShezi was the most experience out of all the chiefs as he was 95 years old at the time and was present at the Impi of Isandlwana during Cetshwayo's reign. After they had raided an aritilery wharehouse in Durban Point and left everyone in the building dead they fled to the great forrest of INkandla. This is were the rebelion came to an end with most of their murdered in the battle. S'gananda died a couple of days later after being caputered by the police.Waze wadla Shezi! Wadla wesutha sikhanda mkhonto!