Clan Praise(s)

  • The reason why the kubhayi surname praises are short  it is because the surname kubhayi doesn't actually exist ,their real surname is Ngomane, kubhayi surname came about when Mzilikazi was attacking  all those who were related to shaka(friends,family), he came to attack the Ngomane people  and when he got to mpumalanga  Baka Ngoman had already made relation ships with neighbouring tribes(amaPulane) he attacked the ngomane people and when he got to some of them who were in the feilds they denied that they were ngomane instead they used a disguise to say bakwaKubhayi, to avoid being murdered* that's how the  suname came about, our real clan praises are that of Ngomane Ka Mqoboli and these for kubhayi to track down our history.     Kubhayi fumokhulu wena owabiya ngemadliza ekhaya Ngomane!

  • Kubhayi Fumokhulu Sibiyane Sabiya ngemadliza ekhaya Ngomane mabindzela!!!